Cleaning Email Replies

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I like to use plain text as much as possible for emails. I like using format=flowed. I hate seeing ">" symbols all over the place; and I hate hard wrapped text. The whole point of format=flowed is that text wraps to the size of the application window. Also, quotes look much neater with indented vertical bars.

When someone sends me an email that is not in plain text I try to reply using plain text. Due to incompatibilities between email clients things can get pretty messy: like loads of ">" symbols everywhere and hard wrapped lines.

When replying to an email I want a button I can press (a plugin for that will:

  • Remove ">" symbols and indent the correct amount of vertical quote bars.
  • Unwrap the text – I guess that means convert the whole email (including previous quoted emails) to format=flowed.
  • The option to remove unnecessary blank lines and duplicate signatures.