User Centric Computing

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Sad but true: there are less than 400 pages on Google for User Centric Computing

What does it mean? To me it's about the user being in control of all their information. Rather than a user having to log into and subscribe to many different services and websites, they have one place where they can keep all their data and find all the answer to their questions.

To my mind having to set up a new user account for every wiki, bulletin board, dating site, web site, etc, etc, that I want to use is not user-centric - it's service-centric. And therein lies the problem for me, I'm having to do far too much work to get to the stuff I want or to post comments and provide information.

On a more general level I'm pushing/waiting for a world where the paradigm is user-centric rather than service-centric. In that world it feels like we'll end up accessing service-clouds via open protocols rather than loads of individual websites. Feels more like a P2P kind of cloud. TBO I can't wait.